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Sam Van Calster

''One original thought is worth a thousand mindless quotes"
- Diogenes

I believe in purpose anchored strategy development, and take a pragmatic approach to strategy and its execution. Back to basics and focused on results.

Based on previous professional experience I combine the methodological approach of a consultant for a top tier strategy development firm, the pragmatism of a operations manager of a plastics production facility, and the end-to-end view of a global business operations leader for a petrochemical company.

Anchored in my personal purpose, I try to walk the talk and was elected for the board of Cachet,  a non profit that represents the voice of children in institutions in Flanders, and co-founded Greenvestments, a start-up that provided investment advise with a positive fiscal & environmental return.

Please reach out if you want to find out how to implement a strategy that works for your business as well as your life. 


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