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Amplify Your Strategy

I translate your vision into a robust strategy and help you make it a reality


What does VC do?

You have a vision where you want your business to go, I can help you get there - It’s time to amplify your strategy! Virtus Consulo provides a tailored approach to meet your strategy needs, helps you define strategic objectives, and make them a reality.

We have all made plans that were never implemented because 'something happened', we got caught up in the day-to-day... A flexible approach to strategy implementation tends to lead to poor results, as flexibility is often a consequence of your operational reality. My approach will provide you with an agile and robust solution which means you stay in control of your future.

Your business and vision are uniquely yours, so no  pre-defined methodologies but a tailored approach that starts with understanding where you want your business to go. My experience allows me to quickly understand your reality as well as vision and help you to translate your key milestones into a robust plan to meet your goals. A plan that is able to withstand the day to day reality and a plan you and your organization are able to execute.  

With more than a decade of experience in strategy development, operational management, project execution, and change leadership - I know what it takes to define, structure, and implement a strategy tailored to your specific goals. I love to hear your unique story and discover how I can help!

Virtus Consulo is a registered KMO portefeuille service provider with registration number DV.A243498.


Sam Van Calster, strategy consultant

How can I help?

I prefer to listen and understand your unique story before offering a tailored proposal on how best to support your story. In the meantime, you can browse through through some programs I created to give you an idea of what we can do, don't hesitate to reach out if you like what you see!

Get Some Ideas

Informal introduction to what I do during a 1-1 digital meeting

Get Some Tools

One day workshop on frameworks & methodologies I often use

Get A Roadmap

Assessment of your current processes & Tailor made strategy roadmap for your organization 

Amplify Your Strategy

Tangible results through robust and agile implementation of your strategy 


“Virtus Consulo really listened where we wanted to go as organization and helped us define a and structure our 5 year plan, supported by solid analytics and organizational considerations. Our monthly check in allows us to stay in control and robustly work towards our vision. Beyond our own expectation, we managed to grow our revenue by almost 10% whilst reducing our operational costs by more than 10%."

Koen D. - Accountancy firm Aarschot

“Sam helped us create the foundation of our strategic plan for which we received governmental funding to continue and expand our operations across Flanders”

Cachet VZW

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