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Get Some ideas

I would love to hear from you how we can help, so we made it easy for you to directly book some time into our agenda for an introduction.

I am available for an introduction all day Monday and Thursday, Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon and Friday morning. I can also accommodate weeknights after 21:00 CET, please send a message and we will schedule something quickly.

Talk about strategy
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Get Some Tools

Strategy development and execution are typically done through a set of specifically designed frameworks and tools.

You likely have heard from Porters Five forces, 4P's of marketing, SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threat) analysis, ...

Which are relevant for you? And how do you sustainably embed the changes and new capabilities that allow you to deliver your strategy?


Our one day workshop is designed as a dialogue to discover together with you what will most likely work for you.

Strategy tools and toolkit
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Get A Roadmap

This is where the fun starts - how to develop a realistic strategy that fits your organization and which you can execute?

Let's connect your vision to an actionable plan that helps you get where you want to go. 

I will help you define and set your strategic priorities based on our shared understanding of your vision. We draft a set of goals and set them out in time which results in a tailor made plan for your organization

I can also help you to design performance measurements in your key dimensions to help you stay on track during the implementation.

strategic roadmap
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Amplify Your Strategy

Have ever heard this: 'Our strategy was really good, but things happened and we were not able to deliver...' 

Reality is the worst enemy of every plan, the key challenge of a good strategy is not only how to define a one, you also need to get it executed...

This is where Virtus Consulo adds the most value, we will translate your vision into an actionable strategy, and provide guidance throughout the implementation so you stay on track to reach your objectives.


We amplify your strategy.

amplify your strategy
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